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Adulting Workshop

Are you a young adult looking to enhance your skills? This summer, Limitless is rolling out an “adulting” series, to teach essential life skills to support independent functioning and overall wellness. Topics include emotional wellness based skills, general life skills, and education regarding important concepts not typically covered in high school. In this first series, we will cover Time Management, teaching participants how to prioritize tasks, ease stress of responsibilities, and achieve success in managing their life obligations. We will look at Money management like budgeting skills, savings goals, and learning to live within means; we will also introduce the elusive concept of “credit,” identifying exactly what it means and how to make it work for you. Lastly, we will help participants establish long term goals, and give the blueprint for carrying out their dreams while fostering independence. We are so excited to offer this series and look forward to “adulting” with you in series to come!

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